Project Overview

Duration: May 2020 — May 2023

Value: £2.4M split between 6 project members

To achieve the overall goal of ‘developing a real-time system to forecast radiation exposure to satellites for a range of different orbits, and quantify the risk of damage or degradation‘ the project has been split into a number of separate work packages, each with their own objective. These can be summarised as follows:

WorkpackageGoalLed By
WP1Transition research models to operational forecast models.BAS
WP2Calculate radiation effects on satellites.BAS
WP3Construct, test and maintain the forecasting system.BAS
WP4Develop, test and validate the forecasting models.BAS
WP5Develop improved wave-particle interaction models.BAS/Northumbria
WP6Develop improved radial diffusion models.Northumbria/MSSL
WP7Develop improved boundary conditions.Sheffield
WP8Develop extreme event scenarios.Imperial

Workpackages 1 – 4 deal with development, operations, and testing of a forecasting system, whilst 1 – 5 cover research elements of the project.