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Space weather monitoring receives funding boost
27 June 2020

BAS news article detailing announcement of SWIMMR funding and the Sat-Risk project.

Congratulations Professor Richard Horne!

Rad-Sat team leader and head of the British Antarctic Survey Space Weather and Atmosphere Team, Professor Richard Horne was awarded the Gold Medal in Geophysics from the Royal Astronomical Society of 2022, for significant achievement in astronomical and geophysical research. The Gold Medal is the Society’s highest honour, and previous winners include Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble, Arthur Eddington and Stephen Hawking. The Society awarded Dr Horne the Gold Medal for his exceptional contribution to expanding our understanding of the physics of space weather and dynamic conditions in outer space environments. Achievements of Professor Horne include his discovery that electromagnetic waves in planetary magnetospheres are responsible for accelerating charged particles to relativistic energies and velocities close to the speed of light, underlying BAS’s Radiation Belt Model. Professor Horne has shown innovation, initiative and is recognised as an international leader in the developing space weather science. Well done!